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how do i make a bracelet out of climbing rope? Answered

ecologic has some nice ones that look flat, with nylon covering the ends. Anybody made anything like that, or know of other designs?


i cut a rope with a hot knife (my gym has one) to a bit bigger than i need it and then w/ a sharp knife cut it so i can take the core out. Then i cut it till it will barely fit over my hand and use the hot knife to "weld" the ends together. Hopefully ill post an instructable on it

I've done this for years and have three, i gave each of them a purpose, one being the notion to never forget where you came from(Dark Green) Two to stay to your morals and never falter(Orange) and lastly to always to maintain a sense of adventure( sky blue, skies the limit type thing).

Green guru has some awesome ones + you can specify what colors you want

cut out how much rope you want then tie a knot then where it any time you want.