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how do i make a cover for the arms of my recliner? Answered

I am needing covers for the arms of my recliner. I use to have the pattern, years of moving around i have lost. Could someone please help?

thank you


The ones for my armchair are simple: Cut a shape to form the end of the cover (can be a simple rectangle with the top corners rounded). Measure up, around the top, and back down; call this measurement X. Measure how far back along the arm the cover needs to extend; call this measurement Y. Cut and X by Y rectangle (plus a bit to allow for hemming). Sew this to the end cover, X to X, to form a tubular shape which is open at the bottom; hem the edges which remain exposed. (Or, more likely, vice versa.) Two of these and you've got two arm covers.

My mother's solution for my old sofa was just to cut the two rectangles (which cover the areas where most of the wear occurs) and not bother covering the front. They didn't stay in place as well, but they did the job.

Hope that's at least vaguely helpful.