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how do i put a stem back on my pumpkin? Answered

 my pumpkin's stem fell off but i need it on in order to do my carving in it i already tried hot glue



Best Answer 8 years ago

Why do you need the stem to carve a pumpkin?  So you can take the lid off?  Just cut a finger hole in the top.  You need a hole in the lid anyway so the candle has a vent.

 no im using to stem as something in my carving, its gonna be like a dead tree

In that case, get a thin piece of wood about 2-3" in diameter.  Drill two holes in it, with diameters smaller than the head of a deck screw.  Hold the wood in place under where the stem should go, and hold the stem where you want it.  Drive two 3" deck screws through the holes in the wood, through the pumpkin, and into the stem.

You could try driving the sharp end of some sewing needles into the base of the stem. Pumpkins are tough--mebbe you'll need a hammer. Then, push the stem into the pumpkin. You might need to make pilot holes with another needle or pin first.

Maybe you could use toothpicks or thumb tacks.  That way you can stick it back on if it falls off again.

super glue green electrical tape ummm nails all of those shoul work

You might be able to spike together it with sharpened matchsticks / cocktail sticks?



8 years ago

Use a toggle bolt. Cut the head off the screw and thread it up into the stem, bore a small hole in the pumpkin just large enough for the toggle to pass through where the stem was attached. Gently tighten the screw into the toggle.
That should do it with a little care and patience.


Answer 8 years ago

One other thought, you can use a corkscrew to lift the top for carving if you're not specifically concerned about reattaching the stem.