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how do i run linux on a psp Answered

i want a mobile computing plat form and the psp fits the bill... but i have no idea how to run linux (on anything) or how to install it on my psp (psp 2000)


. Google is your friend

Very cool! So you and zachninme wrote that page?

. Yep. We're doing a rewrite now. Adding more search engines, &c;.

Nice. I think it's pretty cool. I'll start giving the link to my friends. By the way, nice ads on your page. *snicker*


. It's a free site and I have no control over the ads. :( . Not a good idea to give out the URL. Once we get a finished product, it will probably move to a pay site. Feel free to use it, but please don't pass it around. . Hope to publish an iBle showing ppl how to install it on their server.