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how do let roomate use signal from my sprint internet card? Answered

like i got this sprint internet usb and it gives me internet but no one else i have tryed to pick it up on roomates computer with linksys network adapter with speed booster i have two of them and a netgear 54 mbps wireless router wgr614v5 which i plugged into my computer(desktop) and tryed to bridge the signal with my sprint card so i can pick it up on roomates computer with the linksys network adapter but no luck not sure how to do it but would like to know could someone out here please help me wit this signal prob or mabye even suggest a better way of doing this again thank you for listening


Have you successfully networked the two machines together (irrespective of the Sprint)? L

your best bet would be to run an Ethernet cord from your computer with the sprint card, to your roomate's computer