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how do u get aluminium powder Answered

how do u get aluminium powder? do u just grind aluminium into a fine powder or what??


You have to find a Termite nest, then take you pick...

Why so complicated??
Just make two pieces of aluminium very angry,
lock them in an airtight container,
let them fight until it is silent in the box again,
carefully open the box and take the powder out.
Discard of too big chunks and put them back in the container for the next fight, they will get crushed...

You could also break open an old Etch-A-Sketch.

IF i break open my phone with the etch-a-sketch app running, will that work??

I did and I'ts full of tiny plastic beads which are imposible to separate out of the aluminum powder beacause they are so small.

. The beads will probably float in water if they are plastic. You may have to add a wetting agent (eg, soap) to get the Al to break the surface tension and sink.

has anybody tested this out? I'd be interested in the results.

could you just mix aluminum foil and bleach together in a jar to make aluminum powder?

That's called an acid bomb, and it's very dangerous.

Which is called an acid bomb? Mixing bleach with aluminium?

no. mixing red devil lye drain cleaner with water and aluminum foil in a soda bottle. have it next to a lit torch made out of a tree branch. big flaming boom. lots of shrapnel. caustic liquid flying everywhere. Bad.

bleach is sodium hypochlorite. i don't know what it would do,(probably nothing!) but it wouldn't grind it up, which is what you have to do. it might make aluminum oxide.(aluminum oxide doesn't do anything.)

no. it is soluble in drain cleaner, and that's how hydrogen making from aluminum cans works.

i broke open my Etch-A-Sketch and i only got little aluminum balls

and if you mix bleach and foil will there be any danger doing that?

Really? Weird, I know the stuff in the Magna Doodle is iron fillings though.

Here is the name brand of what your looking for in regards to AL powder in paint stores. West System 420. its mostly used in marine resine coating.
hope this helps.

I saw someone make it once out of just, straight up aluminum pieces, some drain cleaner and some water. I can't remember what kinda drain cleaner it was. He put the drain cleaner and the water inside of a glass, when he inserted the aluminum it started to bubble really violently and give off a pretty fair amount of fumes. When the water bubbled away, all that was left was aluminum powder. This is a violent process. The guy who showed me this said that he had blown himself up a few times in doing it. The explosion is blue, meaning that it's a force explosion instead of a hot one, which I suppose is why he was alive to show it off. Very dangerous, it's best to just buy the powder.

So basically the only choice we have (short of building some machine to melt a compound of aluminium to perform electrolysis on it) is to break open Etch a Sketchs?

electrolysis of aluminum oxide will lave you with a hunk of pure aluminum, not powder. you can buy aluminum powder in a large paint store or wal-mart. yes you could break open etch a sketch's, but i don't know how fine it is, and how much there is.

Or you could do this==> https://www.instructables.com/id/Making-German-Dark-Aluminum-Powder-from-Foil/

 What would the labeling or brand name be for aluminum powder in a paint store or walmart so i know what to look for? 

What was his midichlorian count? Or is 'force explosion' a Sith power?

he blew up because Al and drain cleaner make hydrogen and I think chlorine the hydrogen is flamibal and burns blue/orange I have seen both witch is weird.

it doesn't make chlorine. lye(drain cleaner) strips aluminum of it's oxide layer, therefor allowing it to steal the water's oxygen and leaves the hydrogen free. i know it burns orange when created this way, but it burns blue in a pure ratio with oxygen(as in electrolysis). the black scum is dissolved aluminum oxide.

Hey check out my instrctable its this exact experiment here
except this one produces black sludge, How useful!

I think your mistaken.

It is worth noting that breathing fine metals is hazardous in multiple ways. Please use good ventilation when you're blowing yourself up.

just a question how much aluminum powder is in a Etch A Sketch

Iron filings i do believe. Etch A Sketches use a magnet

That's magnex or something like that. Etch a Sketch uses dials to rub the powder off the screen.

i always thought it was a small magnet and iron filings but i looked it up and you were right sorry about the bother sir.


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Nah, I checked Walmart, they don't have Aluminum powder. The closest thing I could find was Aluminum Free Baking powder...>.>

Auto section, radiator stop-leak. Comes in a little tube of gray powder.

I have made aluminum for thermite by cutting thick pieces of aluminum with a carbide circular saw and collecting the shavings. You could use a ball mill to reduce that to a fine powder.

You can buy it at a paint store.

Yes, it's used to make "aluminum paint," or to make other paints reflect more infrared. It's vastly easier to buy it at a paint store than to grind it yourself, especially if you need a fine powder. (And it comes nicely contained in a jar or can, rather than spread all over your work environment and the insides of your lungs, like when you grind your own.) If you need extremely fine metal powders, you can find them at places that sell molding and casting materials. (They're used for making "cold cast metals," i.e., polyester or epoxy mixes contaning much metal that's so finely ground that it looks like solid metal.)

 I think in all the comments we've established that its available in paint stores and possibly walmart, but what labeling or brand or product name are we looking for. I don't wanna walk in not knowing what im looking for and asking suspiciously for finely ground metals.

a relatively easy way to make this (if you have the tools) is to blend or grind aluminium foil in an old coffe grinder/blender, then to ball mill the rough powder that comes out.
sorry, you can only really get into pyro/bomb making if you have a ball mill. its cheaper to make one yourself, btw
if you can't do it this way the best your gonna do is sandpaper a block of aluminium then ginding it with a mortar and pestle. it takes ages and doesn't make lots or at a good quality either.

can u take aluminum foil crush it in a ball sand it with fine sandpaper?? just asking

But then you would have sand in your aluminum. A simpler way is to use a file, but it takes forever.

I know it sounds stupid, but break open an Etch-A-Sketch or two. they're FILLED with the shtuff