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how do you build a golf ball trebuchet? Answered

for school i have to make a trebuchet that can shoot a golf bal as far as it possibly can but i don't know how to make it and i can not find any plans that are descriptive enough.


look up torsion springs in google. a torsion trebuchet is like abalistae only it uses the tension in ropes or cordage to shoot the ballinstead of springy chunks of wood. or make a springs with wire hangersthat propel a piece of wood or something on hinges forward with the ballon top of it.

the torsion trebuchet would make it shoot the farthest if ur making themsmall scale

oh, wait...
u wanna know how to make one, but i cant tell u step by step how to makeone but i can tell u how they work.
basicly each side of the treb is has one end of it in a twisted up pieceof rope. the rope has to be twisted a lot to be springy enough to workbut trust me, it works better than anything else u can make small scale.instead of using ropes, u should use bungee cords or rubber surgicaltubing since theyd be easier to work with

i hope this helped!