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how do you separate golds from the celphone boards? Answered

the board of any cellphone has tiny amount of gold in it .what is the step by step process you do and the chemicals you add to separate those gold from the cellphone board.


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You can use mercury and hydrogen cyanide. Make sure you have a good, large life insurance policy. Then your family can make money after you've stupidly killed yourself.

BBC programme "Bang Goes the Theory" tried this last year - a bin-full of scrap electronics yielded a few flakes of gold, and required the purchase of large amounts of some truly scary corrosive chemicals.

Far better value (for you) to sell your old phone to one of those phone recycling companies.

It's not economically-viable, so what is your interest?


You can use mercury to dissolve the gold from the boards and connectors. The just boil the mercury away and the gold will be left.


I was just kidding. In case you don't know, mercury is toxic and using this method (though it would work) is almost certainly banned by whatever environmental law there is in your jurisdiction.


6 years ago

There is a resurgence of gold panning in California at the moment. The recent heavy rains and now the low stream levels after it has all dried up have brought a lot of new gold into streams. There are many weekend panners pulling a lot of ounces out of the area. aambayec would probably have a lot more success by panning rather than trying to recover tiny amounts from old electronics. It would be a lot safer also and require only a basic investment in a pan and a shovel.

Instead of getting gold try to get scrap copper from old ppliances. I am doing this to try and make some money.

Aqua regia, if you can make it. Then plate out the gold I think

The gold is dissolved using strong acids or highly toxic chemicals (not easy) and the materials are highly toxic.

You will be far better off breaking off the edge connectors and sending the scrap to a commercial extractor who has a bulk set up for this.

If your determined to go it on your own you should approach a consultant who has expertise in this area it will save you a lot of heart ache and time in the long run.

Note this from http://www.finishing.com/50/48.shtml

The amount of gold you will get from 4 tons of circuit boards may not be worth the effort and cost.

There are at least two ways to get the gold: (1) cut off the tabs and strip them in cyanide (2) burn the entire collection, smelt the copper and gold out of the ash, then extract the gold from the copper. Both methods are highly regulated environmentally, as well as being dangerous. I suggest you stay out of the business.