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how dose a magnesium flint stick work? Answered

so I just bought one lol. questions are why dose magnesium burn? and is the steel on the stick a special kind?


The built-in striking blade takes off enough material to start a fire but will not cause excessive wear, can be flipped over to show a fresh striking surface. Wetfire tinder is typically composed of paraffin wax, which is immune to moisture and a flammable, smokeless material. I found this discount code. http://patriotdeal.com/collections/all/products/flint-firestarter Use this code "PD10"and save 10%.


9 years ago

scrape off some of the magnesium with a knife, put it in a litle pile and use the knife and the flint side to light the magnesium, it burns really hot and lights almost anything on fire, check out this youtube video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KFaq-J-j5DQ