how mobile phones convert Aternating voltage to direct voltage? Answered


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there is no big transformer in a mobile phone charger but still it is able to convert A.C to D.C though it is small



It's not big because your phone requires low voltage and current, like @burf said. The more power you need the bigger the circuitry, that's why your laptop and xbox have such big transformers. Heat also becomes a problem, so those larger transformers need more space for heat-sinks and a lot more safety features due to the higher voltages and currents.

Converting AC to DC is dead easy. Converting DC to AC takes special, small fast electronics.

Can you please explain how coverting A.C to D.C becomes easy in phone chargers?
Please dont explain voltage rectifier circuits. I heard that it is some thing different

it's not fair that AC=>DC is so easy when DC to AC is comparatively hard :-(

In modern phone chargers, the incoming mains is rectified to DC, and then chopped back into DC on a very very small transformer. The faster you can make the current in the transformer change, the smaller it can be for the same power handling.


Because you don't need a physically large transformer. A small transformer can convert household AC line voltage to AC low voltage and a simple diode bridge and capacitor can convert the AC low voltage to DC low voltage.