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how much weight can a large L-shape wall bracket support? Answered

I want to build a desk using L shape brackets and a Large piece of wood. or perspex. Now how much weight can each of these brackets support and how many should I use If euipment I have weighs around 10 - 20 kilogramms. 


The rating should be available at the point of purchase. If you already have the brackets go down to your local hardware store and have a look at what they have and compare with your ones.
They are a lot stronger than they look.

...but always bear in mind that the bracket and the wall make the system. You can't use a 1 tonne bracket on a drywall partition.

It depends on how big your brackets are, and in no small part, how strong your wall is.....


Most of the time it's the wall or the connection to the wall that is the problem.

You need to couple weight with distance to get the leverage on the fixings.
E.g. if you sat against the wall, legs out-stretched over the the brackets they might hold you. If you "parked your arse" on the outside edge it would probably break.
Go for very-heavy wall-fixings to be safe, and ply'