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how much weight can mdf support? Answered

i have a table i built from an instructions on here. but the legs arent that sturdy. so i was going to put new legs on ikea ones and replace the wood ones. i was wondering if i need support beams.its a computer desk 2 monitors keyboard mouse and 2 medium speakers or should i not worry about the weight and it will be fine without the beams? the board is 2x4 ft mdf the legs are about 27 inch tall



Best Answer 3 years ago

It depends on the thickness of the MDF, as well as its operating environement.

If the MDF is 1/2" or more, you should have no worries whatsoever for the load you've described. If it's thinner though., yes, felxure becomes a problem, exacerbated by the next topic

If you live in a humid environment, and actually, unless you live in a very dry environment, be aware that unless properly sealed (using multiple coats of non-absorbent paint, etc.) the MDF will eventually absorb enough water to sag permanently under the weight, even using LCD/LED monitors. It's one of the reasons those "office depot" type desk units get pitched to the treelawn after only a few years of service


3 years ago

Oh is this a game? Do we get to guess the overall dimensions of the mdf board, spacing of the legs and size of the legs? Cause it's hard to see what the thing looks like from here. ;)