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how to build an portable n64? Answered

hey i cant just open my system and i need to ask what kind of screen could be used


Jayefuu where can I find a N64 Clone?

First, to open up the 64, you need to take a BIC pen, take out the ink and just cram it on the screw. For the screen, I'm trying to use an old DSI screen, but everyone else says to use a PS1 screen.You can use whatever. : )

check out the ben heck fourms, a build log is here i am actually in the middle of one right now, all i need is a screen...

You might be interested in looking on my Wordpress site - covers how to mod the N64, what to use, and how to make it into a handheld portable.  

I joined Instructables so I can upload some of my videos in due course, saw your question and thought I would reply to it.


There is a PDF available for download on my site, and once the step-by-step video project of making a handheld N64 portable from scratch is completed, I intend to upload it all to Instructables.  

Rather than taking apart an n64 and trying to cram it into a smaller box, which would be less likely to succeed because of the age of an n64, you'd probably have more luck buying a very small PC, installing a flavour of linux on it and running an n64 emulator.

Although.... you can get n64 clones that are very small now. And they come with all the games already installed.