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how to change keyboard key assignments by rewiring keyboard Answered

trying to create a keyboard (steampunk design, but not necessary for you to know) with reassigned keys.  i would like to place symbols/icons on the keys and when someone is presented with an encoded message, they choose the appropriate keys and the message comes out in our normal alphabet.  if i don't reassign the keys, then someone familiar with the keyboard qwerty style can figure out the message without using the keyboard.

i'm not very techy so pls. be as clear as possible.  i have found freeware out there that reassigns the keyboard keys but it is global and i need this to be keyboard specific since i'm designing the keyboard to look futuristic.

it's for a scavenger hunt party.  
thanks for any help out there.


I really haven't cracked open a keyboard but I think each of the individual keys have a switch(membrane bubble or actual switch-old IBM) that is mounted or soldered in place to the circuit board grid below. It probably isn't hardwired in place with tiny wires going from place to place but the switch being soldered to "traces" or copper lines on the circuit board.

If you really wanted to change or even cut up the circuit board to move certain keys through hardwiring, you must do some micro soldering to attach some jumpers to the switches, reattach to whatever key traces you want to connect to and scrape or cut off old the traces that correspond to the key.  It's not hard to do, just pay attention to detail.  Good luck.

so i've cracked open a logitech keyboard and instead of a pcb there is this membrane. i've read that the layered membrane connects when the keys are pressed. how the heck do i reassign the wiring on such a thing? i'm wondering if i can scrape the "lines" and then "draw" new lines with wire glue.

anyone out there know if this is possible?

If you take apart the keyboard and pull those sheets out you can definitely rewire them. I'd just use a hobby knife to cut out parts of the sheets to sever the circuit. I have never heard of wire glue but if you can draw with it and if it will adhere to the sheets then i'm sure it would work.

Well, sure enough that i'd probably start by testing one key for starters!