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how to inflate a bike tire with out a pump Answered

hello everybody, I have recently built a no weld rebumbant bike. And during the course have discovered that I do not own an bike pump. since I live in a extremely rural area borrowing is out of the question if some one could please help me I would greatly appreciate it. sincerely, fidgety


u can buy foot operated bike pump / car pump with pressure guage in india u can get for about 150 - 300 Rs, i dont know in ur place where u can get , better look in ebay..


9 years ago

Do you or anyone who lives closeby have a car tire inflator (an electric one), or maybe an air compressor? Those would work, too.

altered pump ? a valve can be built easily from plastic pipes and hard ball. the chamber can be made of a variety of stuff if you have running water with sufficient pressure i think this may work take a container with top and bottom entries. connect the tire to the top and let in water thru the bottom. close it before the water gets to the top. empty the container and repeat if needed