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how to kill the loud annoying boom boom from cars? Answered

i am wondering is there a way of over riding speakers to play my own music or just stop the boom boom coming out the car in front at traffic lights? i remember a broad band am frequency was mentioned once at one place of work but need your knowledge.?


was my first thought, too, but your link mentions the problem of metal shielding; the only car i know about that is made of plastic is the "trabant" of the former German Democratic Republic (GDR) and they were so simple, that i doubt there was sum built-in "electronic control processor module" to be fried...
But ain't it possible to fry the speakers' membranes with an interfering signal? I dunno much about these things, but if you do, i'd appreciate any information that helps me "interacting" with the cops on the next upcoming demonstration.

Not much chance of that working. If they are playing a cd then you's have to hit their amp with 50,000 watts of am and maybe over power it. Same thing if they're listening to fm.

My dream would be 12 gauge 00 buckshot thru each speaker then the amp then the radio then the battery then the owner if they're stupid enough to hang around.

There's gonna be almost a whole generation of deaf people in the US one of these days..

About the deaf people?

My biggest car amp was a 40 watt Kraco w/ 4 Jensen speakers in a '75 chevy van and I have permanent ringing in my ears from that. So I can't even imagine what the results are going to be with some of these guys running 500-1000 watts in their car. Even with their windows rolled up and mine rolled up and several cars away from them sometimes their "music" is drowning out mine.

It was probably the higher pitches amplified that did hearing damage. I run about 4400w in my blazer, but it's mostly lower bass frequencies that are the loudest. I usually run it bypassing the amps for the subwoofers unless I'm at competition where, last one I hit 161db. I guess these "kids" that drive around with it that loud all the time just need to learn that not everyone wants to listen to the same crap that they're listening to.

Do you think they are experiencing that ? I can't see how they can get the energy INTO the air in that little box !

they don't. They get it into the ground via the subwoofers, (which is where most of the energy is being directed in these sonic weapons), which acts as a virtual speaker. That's the basis for most complaints, I believe. It's all about virtual bullying. If you can't poke someone in the sternum or walk by and "accidentally knock them down using a shoulder punch, then intimidate via "music", ie, sub woofer thump.

Proper noise legislation. Or I should say, More strict appliance of the laws in place in most community already. Most of these things are in constant violation of noise ordinances.

It can and periodically does. The main problem is cops who skirt the law in favor of getting along with their social counterparts who cause the problem. ie, the jock mentality types. In fact, this summer, my local police department issued about 40 or 50 citations to offenders in my neighborhood, in large part because of pressures brought to bear on the police by local citizens who were getting tired of jock cops looking the other way for their "buds" and drinking pals.

For the record, sirens in general do not fall under such legislation, since it's part of the "pubic good" of government and medical systems. 

ho ho its simple just increase the volume(keep some sounds like that of ambulance or cops car sound) in your car to such an extent that other guy gets annoyed n turns his down...then reduce yours...super nah>>>lol