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how to make a pet bottle strip cutter? Answered

I saw once a tool to cut a soda bottle into a long strip which can then be used for weaving or craft projects, I wonder does anyone have any plans to build one



2 years ago

Looks like someone is on their way to distributing one. Great effect, looks really strong and like the shrink wrap capability! https://www.facebook.com/Plastic-Bottle-Cutter-1961330047425739/

Hmm...  haven't seen this.

I just use my utility scissors - I cut off the top & bottom of the bottle, and then cut about a 1/8" strip off the body of the bottle. angling the scissors so that I'm cutting in a barely perceptible spiral. It takes a good deal of scissor work to get through 2-liter bottle, but you get something like a 10-20 yard strip (I never measured it).

Also interesting is this video:


8 years ago

Thanks so much Lemonie, The thing I saw was made from wood and I seem to remember it had a blade that could be adjusted for different widths of strip being cut.Once it is cutting you just pull the strip out by the metre until the bottle is finished!

I made a very simple bottle cutter like that...and attempted a tutorial, which I posted at the link below. Let me know if you need any further explanation:


It was probably a leather strap cutter. Look for a leather tool supplier.

The mini filetador or mini PET bottle stripper is able to cut a 2 liter PET bottle in a 1 milimeter wide and 50 meters long strip. It is easy to make and you can see how is made in our web site. www.utsumi.com.br/pet/english/dicas/index.html


7 years ago

I've been looking for it for YEARS! I found it a few years back, but promptly lost it... until today.


There you go. If you figure out how to make it inexpensively, please make an instructable.