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how to make a usb read as a cd or dvd on windows 7. Please help? Answered

i want the help because i want a few things to work on my PC but i need a CD or DVD. and using a usb is easier to carry around



6 years ago

i need to make a usb as a dvd for autorun.
windows 7 does not allow autorun from a usb,.

well if its an iso file or the sort i reccomend using Power ISO to mount/unmount the iso, it acts as a cd drive.
a quick google search for "power iso" should find you the website or a download link, its free, dont worry.

i hope thats what you are looking for.

Why doesn't it work for you?
Or is were the words you were looking for "bootable USB"?


Is your USB port broken??

Try saving it to the USB drive as a Disk Image, or even better, save it right to your computer.

(Google it)

Why do you "need a CD or DVD"? What will those do that a USB drive won't?