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how to make fake welds on a model car? Answered




Best Answer 8 years ago

Is it a die cast metal or styrene plastic?

I have used a plastic model putty called "Squadron" fast drying putty.  The putty is available at most hobby shops.
Score a groove in the plastic where you want the weld to be and using a large safety pin,  work very small beads of the putty into the groove, pushing each successive bead againt the previous one to create the flowing effect of a real weld.
You can practice the technique on the inside of a piece of plastic that can't be seen when the model is assembled. It takes a little time, but the effect is quite good after painting.

If it's soft enough, cut an angled groove with a sharp knife, fill with paint:



Hot glue makes good fake welds on Gene Simmons armor. I assume it would also work on a model car.