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how to make my snow sled go faster Answered

i need ideas to make my sled faster


this may sound weard but if you have a plastic slege or a inner chube if you spray hedrin anthead lice the swide affect is that it makes it stupidly fast im sceroius! >:)

Just out of interest, how do you find something like that out????
I mean it’s not like spraying head lice cure on an inner tube is something we all do every day is it?
Were you just trying random sprays as lubricants or was it a carefully planned scientific process to discover the best one you could?


7 years ago

Contact surface design:

Modern snow skis have a variety of shapes for different snow. Wide for powder, etc.

Try to trim the contact area to the most efficient: load bearing yet min surface area (drag).

wax wax oh and did i say wax yet also reduce wind resistance as much as possable

pass electriciyt thru them to make em hot (as =SMART= said)

There's always the obvious, point it downhill, but aligning the skis usually helps

If it has runners, waxing them can do the trick, especially in very wet semi-freezing snow. Even candle wax can help some (rubbed on, no need to melt it).

. Yep. Wax is the way to go. Candle wax works, but the wax composition is highly variable - might take some experimentation to find the right candle - and tend to flake off when cold. Car wax works well (I used Maguire's when I lived in N IL). I've never tried it, but I've heard that snow ski wax works very well. . Oh! And polish the runners before waxing.

Yeah I am sure Ski or snow board wax would be best, but in the absence of either of them, the automobile wax should hold up the best.
wouldn't margarine tend to get wiped off the blades after one run? It might make if fast for one trip though, if that is all that is needed :-)

My Foundations of Tech teacher said that running wax paper along the runners should do the trick ;D

Yes, that should help, if not for the long run, at least for a few.

Wax. WD-40 also works


9 years ago

What sled do you have is the big question?

wax the runners like goodhart said, if there metal heat them up and that might work