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how to make remote for my tv? Answered

how to make remote control for televisions... how it works?


.  The best remote I ever had was a 5 year old kid. Universal - works with any device. Takes a while to make one, but well worth the effort.

The best part of that is the R&D.    Too many of the final products don't work out as well as you planned.

Yeah, but programming those is a pain, and there are always unexpected glitches.

Buy a $4 universal remote.  Build it into something else, like a vintage calculator, or some control panel off a scrapped machine or appliance.

Or get something like a Palm and find remote emulator software for it.  Sites like RemoteCentral have collections of remote codes.  There's ways to translate those codes into forms which work with other universal remotes, or probably a microcontroller.  Do some searching and you may find plans and source code.

Use a finglonger


In a modern remote, the controller sends out a coded signal usually by IR led that changes for each button you push.

On the tv there is an IR receiver that decodes the signal and gets that data to the tv and the logic circuits there make the tv do what you asked.

You can do the remote and receiver part pretty easily using arduino's or something similar but hooking the receiver to the tv will be difficult and almost impossible without the schematics to the tv.