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how to prevent shedding from my cat? Answered

my cat tiger sheds like crazy every time i brush her about 10 minutes later. i am tired of finding cat hair every wear. please help me


bounty dryer sheets...rub them on the fur it reduces dander

The spring shed-out can be a trying time for both cats and cat owners. Daily brushing helps and I buy sticky lint rollers by the case and leave them all over the house for easy clean-up.

Different coat types can require different brushes. At one time I had 3 different brushes to use on 4 different cats. Now I use one that works on both super-short and super long double coats. It is really good at grabbing the undercoat but soft enough to avoid irritating the velvet-coat cat.

The best cat brush I have found is called the Pet Hair Eliminator. It is about 8 inches long and covered with 1-inch long rubber bristles and costs about $10.


You need to get a comb that brushes the undercoat like a furminator or shedender. Then follow the instructions.
Or invest in a cat that complements your decor. I have two cats, one is white and black the other is a grey stripped. Most of my clothing blue and grey, my furniture is blueish. I cant see the grey cat hair but i can see white cat hairs every once in a while.
I don't know what color your tiger is, but maybe you should get some stuff that matches the cat.

well as a owner of my own kitty and having a sister who has a cat prone to shedding, all i can suggest is brush your cat

if you own a cat its just one of the things you have to tolerate

You have 3 serious options to prevent cat hair from getting everywhere.
  1. Shave the cat
  2. Don't let the cat in the house
  3. Get rid of the cat
Animals, even humans, shed hair and skin constantly. So unless you keep the cat shaved or out of the house your going to have hair everywhere. All animals need to shed. Hair and fur have a life cycle of there own and will die off and drop out to make way for new hair. Its a constant cycle that can't be stopped. For animals they do have seasons when they shed more then others to get rid of there winter coat. But they still shed throughout the year.

Good vacuum and brush her often - welcome to the world of hairy pets. They shed because the weather is warming up and they don't need all that hair to keep warm.

You cannot prevent any hairy animal shedding those hairs.

Invest in a decent vacuum cleaner.