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how to repair a stabilizer? Answered

I have a v guard stabilizer- input voltage 280 and o/p voltage 200-250v,  now its not in working condition I want to rectify it myself, I opend it it consists one circuit board, and transformer and 2 relays, but I can't able to find how it works, I don't know how to check the transformer o/p because it getting i/p from circuit board and main phase connection is going to two relays and circuit board getting the i/p from transformer and main card its totally confused, so how can i check the transformer, circuit board weather realy is not working properly



7 months ago

I have a stablizer VGD50 it is not working no output voltage and I check the maince wair with continuity meeter But no any countinuty shoving I don't know Transformer ok or not be acouse wair connection confused. Please can you help me?


6 years ago

This is how to test an unknown disconnected transformer.

If the 40W lamp is fully bright, don't try the other wattages.
Either you have a short or the XFMR is sill connected.

Sorry to tell you but to test relays in a circuit you cant draw for us to see
is to much for you to try without vocational training.