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how to search the forum??? Answered

I had some site questions and was nosing around the forum (trying to anyway) but I cannot find anywhere, how to search "just the forum"? Am I missing something simple? or is it not possible? I thought I did this before, but I cant seem to find it....


They keep on changing the embedded search. I usually just go outside to do a regular google search and append the word instructables. That may find what you are looking for.

yeah, It is a work-around. and it works i guess. but this should still be fixed ASAP.

It's hard to say what they are going for in the search, generate more traffic through random browsing or expose a newcomer to more of the site. I guess the author search or comment search was toned down by stalker's standards and using the site as a reference work is hobbled by the more restrictive search probably brought on by complaints that too many nonrelated or poorly written ibles showed up in the search. Hard to find a balance.

You can make it more specific by adding "site:www.instructables.com/community" to your search.

Never-mind... a couple questions down, this got answered...
If I may add my 2 cents, it seems almost pointless to have an "un-searchable" forum... I did not expect to find out that you cant.. This should be addressed ASAP.