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i am not getting the rack and pinion mechanism so how can we build it. so that there must be a prper allignment in them? Answered

we can use this mechanim in robo combat as a weapon



A rack and pinion, unlike a pair of gears, needs extra support to work. There has to be a sliding part, which is well constrained in two dimensions, and free to slide in the other, on which you mount the rack. The pinion has to be strongly mounted over the rack - forces on the slider will force the pinion out of the rack, and the action will collapse.

I've built all sorts of precision mechanisms using rack and pinion drives, but notjhing for a robot ! I'd suggest you try something like the rolling drawer slides from a filing cabinet as your holder for your sliding part. In the UK, I can buy them as separate parts in local stores. They are very strong and easy to use, and can carry a 100kg on a pair of them.