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i am thinking about a i-pod touch Answered

should i try to get one? if yes say so if no say so also.

Edit: i am getting a new 4th gen!
P.S the pic is of an iphone i think so don't comment saying thats an iphone please!


Yes, buy one. If you have the opportunity to get an iPhone, buy that instead. If not, the touch is better than nothing. It's not just about the device. It's the overall experience that Apple has done such an amazing job on. It's so easy to find and install applications (there are plenty of awesome free apps too). The commercials are not lying when they say "there's an app for that". I've bought more music than I have in ages because Apple makes it so darn convenient on the iPod Touch or iPhone. Just as there is an app for just about everything, there are also free "Podcasts" to cover just about every topic imaginable. Granted, these are not specific to Apple or iPods, but Apple has done a great job integrating them in to iTunes for automatic download and synchronization when new episodes come out. Video playback is amazing. I've watched entire seasons of some programs on my iPod Touch and it was VERY watchable. You forget that you're watching on a small screen very quickly. Web browsing is hands down THE BEST out of any mobile device out there. Everything scales perfectly and web pages designed for the device look and function just like an application installed. I could go on and on. Just get one. PS: Above I say to get an iPhone if possible because the iPhone has a few major additional features like GPS, Microphone, and a Camera. There are some really cool apps out there that take advantage of these features.

The new 32 and 64GB Touch has a microphone and bluetooth, but is lacking a camera and GPS. If you're satisfied with the features it has right now, be assured they won't change until after Christmas. Straight from the mouth of Jobs! I'll be getting one for my birthday. It's finally time to upgrade the 10GB third-gen iPod I have now. I'm very much looking forward to apps!

Go for it! BTW, how old is the picture you have?

Really old. I want to change it to a 4th gen but can't find a good pic.

Nooooo!!! Get theZune HD! All that the ipod touch is good for is showing it off to kids at school.

 no, you are so wrong i cant even explain. dumb comment sorry owenmon but have u ever owned an iphone or itouch? NO u havent.

Have you ever even seen a Zune HD before?
When my relatives were over me and my cousin did a device swap for the day, (he had a Ipod Touch, second gen, jailbroken) and I had a Zune HD (first gen, 16 gb) At the end of the day we both said we really likes each others devices, but still liked our own. The only thing that the Ipod had that the Zune didn't was third party apps, and flash support (which the zune will have soon).

So, what do you think the Ipod Touch is so good about? Besides third party apps. =P

try switching a zune hd with an iphone for a week.
nuff said

No thanks, I'd rather not spend a couple hundred dollars on something I might not even like. And also my family has Verizon. =P

 GET ONE IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GO TO CRAIGSLIST AND BUY IT FROM SOMEONE THAT IS IN YOUR COUNTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS SO WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


8 years ago

YES! If you do, go to apple.com type "in refurbished ipod touch" in the search engine at apple.com, and pick one thats refurbished. you save like 20$. they have a new screen and new chrome on the back and come in the box with everything. they look new but are cheaper and from the company.

"refurbished ipod touch" not "in refurbished ipod touch"


8 years ago

get one, but wait a couple of years. Apple has plans for an iPod touch that has a camera, Bluetooth, and I'm Guessing magnetic compass. It will have everything the iPhone does, except the phone.


8 years ago

Good luck. Cheapest is 200. Ebay will rip you off.


They have an app for almost everything from shopping cart hero to beating the rubiks cube

YES U NEED TO GET ONE, ITS ONE OF THE BEST INVENTIONS EVER(in my opinion) i have one but they r best when u have wifi.

Well, as much as I hate to say it, the iTouch is pretty much the best portable media player out there. There are a few competitors (namely the Zune HD and the Archos 5 Internet Tablet), but neither has the app library or black levels of the iTouch. Although with the iTouch, you'll be stuck using iTunes, and everything is all DRM'ed up. But that's what you get with pretty much anything these days. You can get digital over-the-air TV on the Archos, which is pretty sweet, and it can broadcast FM radio (for your car, etc.), and the Zune will receive HD Radio and play 720p videos on your TV. But what I've found is that the cons outweigh the pros, at least for me. You might want to read a few reviews (like on C-Net) and draw your own conclusions.

You should if you want to. if you are iffy, just wait one day for every ten dollars the ipod is.