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i have two old cellphones a tv jammer and an old tv remote what can i do with the stuff ? Answered

can i make something out of them oh and one of the cellphones has a camera


i just took a part an old flip phone... so theres some good stuff in there. heres what im doing to mine and what u can add with the other stuff... take it apart, teawr out all the major circuit boards... scavenge the flash from the camera, vibrate motor, speaker, and battery with the part of the phone that holds it ... im gonna wire an ir led into the antenna receptacle and u could add ur jammer, simply relocating the led in such a way... added a microsd card reader with usb jack, now trying to figure out a way to wire that to my computer... ? any ideas there? also adding another led to work like a flashlight, u could use the camera flash... and the speaker to be used through the handsfree port in the phone hope this helps, and i was talking about the lg vx6100 any other ideas for me on how to improve this...?

hmmm.Let me say.I read an instructable on converting a nokia phone(6600) into a supercomputer.Just see it.Well about the tv remote,the ir leds could be used for making infrared earphones(www.coolcircuits.com).These leds can be used to make night vision camera.Connect these leds to the cellphone cam.On the cam in dark!You will get some nice pics.

I just posted an instructable on something very similat, and you just gave me a great idea for my next instructable, I will send it to you as soon as I am finished, and where did you get your jammer from?