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i need to put together a game design team Answered

i need to put together a team so if your familiar with blender. message me on facebook https://www.facebook.com/michael.olabiyi 
if your not well work are way around it.


Here is an idea for a game its sci fi and would love to see it get made into a game let me know what you think.

its called star legacy or star legacy wars you and your 100 or more team mates start off on a planet whiles another teams start of on another planet somewhere else in another solar system. And what you got to do is to be the first to reach space and conquer the other empires in space in massive space/ground battles. you start off as a cave man collecting resources and materials for your would be city or village, and can get the aid of the local NPC tribes to help you build this village or city at a price depends what age you are in, you also get robots to build stuff for you later in the game and you can do research in your research tree, some examples of things you get from the research tree is weapons, escape pods, tools, new buildings, new ships, body armour ect and your character can gain ranks to command ship/s in outer space, and there is also diplomacy involved. As well as a hard core mode and normal mode, hard core mode is if you die you stay dead and normal mode if you die you re spawned somewhere on your planet the point of the game is to destroy their capital city on the enemy planet and there is also many options available to users in the game which allows you to tweak almost everything you want. Let me know if you want to know more my email is wadevbm@yahoo.com.au.

The game is long and ongoing like a multiplayer should be. The Whole galaxy can be active with new and old empires consisting of hundreds of planets with different teams for each one. one's a planet is destroyed or captured its gone forever so players need to stay online regularly to keep their planet from being took over. Also other empires can capture your or other uninhabited planets so empires can have many planets under their belt and can recruit new player if so desired. If a new empire emerges that empire will be given a new planet and will have the protection from other empires until they reach space age. And the new empire must have at least one empire allied to them with more planets then them so in a way the game never ends, and a powerful empire could have thousands of members in it so it would be wise to ally them to avoid destruction.

I forgot the game will be big and don't think any console or pc could handle it as the planet count could get into the thousands depending how big the galaxy is and could have hundreds of empires across it approximately. I do not even know if this is possible. the benefits of a powerful empire ally is that they can speed up research, give resources and give out new and better technology via transport ships, eventually the lesser empire will achieve light speed and then faster than light speed but first your empire must reach the space age and will only have rocket engines to get them into space at the start and creating satellites and space ports ect will be under way. its also 1st or 3rd person view so you don't need to worry as the same rule applies to controlling ships in space. AI controlled planets and pirates can be taken over and destroyed for experience it's a bit like kerbal space program mixed with spore and modern day shooting games mixed into one with some tactics but more advanced. one can also design their own ships if they wanted too and everything can be customised in the game. you can even terra form a planet. almost anything, and everything is possible in this game there are three tiers planetary/solar/galactic with different research in them that can be researched, each tier will have a couple of ages in them that can be obtained like iron age/bronze age/atomic age ect and if one member has enough resources to research something the whole empire will benefit from the research unless the option to turn on shared resources is off so only one person needs to do the research. There is no AI gave quests the only options are to hire or buy or go to war. with pirates you can put bounty on other empire heads or go to war or buy or even repair your ship for a price but that is only with some pirates most pirates will just attack you on the spot so be carful you should always have a handful of mates with you at your side at all times. You also get to pick a lizard character or a human and one other which is locked with different tech trees, or you can have a server that allows two different races in any given empire giving you a hybrid tech tree. The players are the ones that create quests for other players in a special message box but you have to be high ranking. all the high rank players needs to do is look at their galaxy map or planet map and look for an event and type that event into the special box and their will be a quest that he can give out. He can even give out new ships to newbie's when they reach high enough ranks but this is much later on in the game. All I want is credit for me and my family for thinking up the game.

The map pack idea

In star legacy the leader of the soon be empire who started the game will get choices to build themes or map packs for the entire world, once your team mates have collected the correct amount of recourses the leader can begin world builder where the entire world is transformed, so instead of building individual buildings which will take time the world builder will customise the whole world depending on what age you are in, so in the stone age the world will be dotted with make shift huts and caves in the iron age there will be castles dotted around the world until you reach modern day society where you have suburbs and great cities all over the world and for each age the graphics will change to suite the age its in but you will need the aid of slaves robots or tribes people so it will turn from a sim into a game like battlefield eventually then to the stars

each map pack will probably cost a lot so some good advise work as a team and keep up the research at the same time which allows new ages and in turn a new map packs will be available.

I have a good idea for a game just look at mappum and you will see my posts about the game I don't know much about designing games but will be willing to learn.

I have many ideas for games that I'd like to get out there but I'm kind if a no body. I'd be willing to help and learn