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i want to get on Smashbeats.com at school, bt they have blocked it. Can some1 help me get around it somehow??? Answered

i want to get on Smashbeats.com at school, bt they have blocked it. Can some1 help me get around it somehow???



7 years ago

The system is designed so that people without authorization can't make changes to it. If the school administration has blocked something for some reason they are the only ones who have authority to unblock it. If you attempt to get around their policies, something that almost for sure will not work, you will get found out and could face consequences, perhaps even loosing all your computer privileges. The only thing you can legitimately do is write a formal request to the administration and perhaps also the school board. In other words you have to go through the proper channels. The domain server that you log onto when you enter your user name and password keeps track of what you do no matter what workstation you are on. If your school is like most you had to sign a policy agreement on computer use before you were ever issued a username or ID. They take that policy very seriously, its a form of a contract. Violate it at your own risk.

Try asking your teacher why it's blocked...

Focus on the work you should be doing rather than trying to do something else. It's called maturity.

Really, is this a bet or something?


Get a job. Buy a 4G smartphone. Pay for an unlimited data plan. Use the 4G connection to stream video to your phone, without using the school's network.

By the way, that first step requires you to have good enough grades, and a sufficient approximation to an adult attitude that someone will be willing to hire you.

By the way, the second and third steps require you to have enough self-discipline to show up at work, follow directions, and complete the tasks you are assigned, so that you actually keep the job and earn money.

Just possibly your school has a reason for blocking SmashBeats.
Maybe they would rather you paid attention to your studies rather than watching videos.

(And I've just seen that you've had a much more comprehensive reply last time you asked the same question.)

Find a proxy site that will work at your school, that's what we did.