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iPhone Case with Cross of Jesus Answered

A 3D Printed Design.

This is an iPhone Case for the one who love Jesus. I hope you enjoy his accompany.

Contact me and I will get your name engraved on the case you ordered. 10 letters max. Price remain unchanged.

* Made of nylon-12, a strong nylon used to produce gears. Available in various color options. (Please select color before " Add To Cart ". View Material Property)
* Made in Netherlands, by Shapeways.
* Worldwide shipping. (Buying several items in one shipment can save cost. View Shipping Cost)

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Designed on 23.July.2012
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If Jesus came back, I think the last thing he'd want to see is crosses...


Hahaha, I use 3 crosses in this design if you can tell.

Isn't the point of a phone case to protect the phone?

Hi Jayefuu, this design aims to decorate and bring style. Thanks.