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ibles in a museum Answered

You may or may not be aware that one of our members is actually a world-famous museum (it's real, I checked).

The individual who actually produces the projects is Lao Jianhua - a real live artist-type-person.

Anyhoo, what this ramble leads me up to is this;

What Instructables projects would you put in a museum?

Unrepeatable one-off projects, easily-copied classics and anywhere in between - what projects do you think should grace the galleries of a museum of modern art, design and lifestyle?

Maybe you can think of a set of projects that logically go together, even if the connection is tenuous or surreal.

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Haha - my eyes water whenever I even think about putting that back in!

led throwie. PHENOMENON, much?

Idea! They could have an installation room - a whole, dim room, tiled in steel (maybe panels cut from old fridges, maybe some fridges or an old van stood around), and a bowl of throwies by the door - visitors take one and stick it somewhere when they visit. A video camera takes a time-lapse record of where they appear, and every so often a curator collects them all back up and puts them in the bowl. In the next room, there's a continuous loop of the video taken so far.

That would be so cool. This would be pretty cool too, it's pretty cheap, to make these... Another thing, aren't you up late, what time is it there in the UK?

and that's 9:08 p.m. right? it's 4:29 now.

So, you're on the East Coast of America?


9 years ago

How To Cat is for sure...

Haha, seconded.

anyone want to thirded?

Thirded! I love How To Cat :D

you are fourthed....but anywho!

How would you put it on a shelf?

hrmph....well,i guess you could glue the cat to the shelf so it wont (can't) move.... :P

The museum would not need to be just artful; but could be illustrative of technology, whether it be new and innovative, or older and standard, but all would have to be home built.

so they made that pin clock! :)

Ah... So many great projects! It is very hard to chose.... :D

My husband says my loons and penguins belong somewhere - but I don't think he means a museum!


9 years ago

Not to be selfless or anything, but I think my light bulb lamp would fit right in at the museum.

My dad was talking about trying to get my projects into an art show.