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if 33 degree celsious falls on 1 square-feet surface for 1 hour mean what will be temperature after 1hr in that area? Answered

how much temperature increased in that place ?


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hopefully that and not work releated.

It is calculated with stefan-boltzmann law.


The temperature (kelvin) is the fourth root of the fraction radiation's power(W/sq meter) over the body's emissivity (value from 0 to 1, beeing 0 a very reflective body and 1 a black body) times the area (sq meters) times the stefan-boltzmann constant (5,67x10^-8). The tine only affects the heating time, meaning that a smaller amount of time may not allow the body to reach it's maximum temperature.

Sorry, but you have not got enough data. Degrees. Celsius don't 'fall'on

thanks for your answer....your answer is related to radiation of surface...but i need absorption capability of surface for that question....

depends on the colour of thd surface

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And also the reflectivity of the surface and the roughness. Mirrors generally don't get very hot as the reflect away the energy falling on them.

Lets not forget the starting temp of the surface.

How does temperature "33 degree Celsious" fall ? Its a scalar, the surface IS 33 C. You don't have enough information, you don't have the RIGHT information