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ill stay on ibls for only 3 month's Answered

i'm staying for around 3 month's
that's like 5-12 ibls posting


why are you leaving?


7 years ago

Why are you leaving?!

i don't see the fun in it anymore...
but i'm still finishing my coaster and post it

So you've grown out of K'NEX - that doesn't mean you need to leave your friends on the site.

Just start Making with other materials.

with this forum i meant to leave knex not this site.
maybe i can stil continue playing knex


7 years ago

y? me too!

nnnnnoooooooooo i thought i got you round to build knex again!

:'( why is everyone leaving???????

Noo, why are you leaving?

gettin bored of them. selling them soon

can you send them me? i need peces for catatropha!

how much euro will you pay for 6500 parts?

where do you live, fella?

ireland, where do you live?

...dunno. just have 25€ left! :P

nah, there worth over €500, ill be looking for something around under half of it :D

yeah, but if you give them me you know that you helped me to build catastropha! :P but you still don't have to send them me....

i want to sell them to add up to my birthday money to buy an airsoft gun

Wait you live in Europe? Dang.... I would've made an offer.