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instructables doesnt work for me at all Answered

i go to www.instructables.com ok it looks normal and dandy then i log in as BIGHAIRYDUDE then it looks like what it does below in the image what the heck is wrong and i have tried it in multiple browsers and it doesn't work


It was a temporary glitch while updates and changes were being made.

Have you noticed the changes in the banner?

And the pro member section on the front page is missing, or is it just me?

True - I hadn't noticed that, as I rarely use the front page.

How did you post this?


The topic says "instructables doesnt work for me at all"
A contradiction surely?


So the side did "work," just not the way it normally does. Lemonie's point made.

Seeing the same thing here. Looks s if all the frames/tables within the coding have just disappeared.

easy fix. in firefox install the stylish plugin.

go to these urls in order and copy the contents to a text document one after the other


in stylish create a new style, paste the contents into it, save

Not perfect, but makes the site usable again. For whatever reason, the method that they are using to generate the CSS imports is borked.

Oh yea, also wrap the hole nine yards in @-moz-document url-prefix(http://www.instructibles.com){...}

else it will apply to every site

I'm experienceing the same thing. It's really annoying, and makes the whole site unuseable. Why would I pay for an account to have it mess up my display?

Mybe if you had an attention span slightly longer than a gnat, you'd wait for problems to be fixed before whining.

It doesn't have anything to do with attention span. In the first place we want to know if it's just ME or all of us. Secondly, the site is very hard to use this way.

Yes. patience... anybody remember what we had before http and html?
This page reminds me of those days. - except then we only had about 1200baud to squeeze everything through...
Something must be seriously wrong there, I'm sure there are people working frantically to fix it! (said the former techie of 30-yrs)

purplepeas.net !


7 years ago

seems like it's happened again. It's the least of my worries. I like it!
Oh for the good old days...

I'm having the same problem, one long column. Good luck with repairs, please send us an email when you're back.

Yeah. There was a database server problem for a while this afternoon. Too bad kids today don't have any patience.