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iron oxide... Answered

ok, i have been looking through some instructables and everyyone is going to great lengths to get a litle bit of rust by electrolysis). however, burning some steel wool would produce iron oxide? i think i'm right? lol, this would produce black iron oxide is that ok to make thermite with?


iron oxide is per rust you find it home depo and stains your fingers badly i use it to make red powder ( stronger and cleaner the balck powder ) if you want to make some leave me a commet and DO NOT SMELL THIS POWDER IF YOU DO YOUR LUNGS WELL HERT FOR A LONG TIME


10 years ago

thanks fopr the info people ; )

You can extract black iron oxide from central heating systems (radiator-sludge) - maybe you could give yours a purge? L

Burning iron produces black ferrous oxide - Iron(II) Oxide (FeO).

The oxide produced by electrolysis is ferric oxide - Iron(III) Oxide (Fe2O3).

Mass-for-mass, ferric oxide contains more oxygen, so is probably more efficient. Try it and let us know.

( I have also heard the FeO is potentially hazardous as it ignites easily, although I have never had this problem when burning iron filings in lessons.)