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is a mix of peat and wood ash good for garden plants? Answered

I always used wood ash from my fireplace for the garden plants but my daughter is burning a mix of wood and peat blocks, she lives in Ireland!  I am not sure if the acidity of the peat is good per se and whether I should be more careful in spreading this around all the plants.  She has a very vigorous and beautiful quince and I would hate anything to happen to this!  There is also an apple and rowan tree, hymalayan honeysuckle and a globe artichoke, and one other consideration is a rabbit that is free range in the garden too.


True, but he did stop using it for a while. Lapsed non-Peat user.

Oh yes - It adds potash and helps break up the soil.

HOWEVER Peat is often strip mined from areas that are valuable to wildlife and most gardeners try to avoid using it.


7 years ago

Wood ash is usually alkaline in PH. Adding it in large ammounts could alter the soil PH. But it also adds trace elements. If your rainfall is a little acidic it would nuteralize it and give you a neutral soil PH. Some plants like acidic soil, some like alcaklyine soil. So it kind of depends on what you are growing.
Dead leaves have tanic acid in them, (like tea) so mixing them with ash will also tend to give you a neutral PH. Peat is acidic, I have no idea if the ash would be.
If your really concerned you can get a cheap soil test kit and will tell you what your soil has and what its missing.

Our ground water here is very alkaline and has a lot of iron (rust) in it, so I have to be very careful in using ashes. I add a lot of leaves and manure and that tends to neutralize the ground water. But I do put some ashes in the garden every now and then.