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is it important to format hard disc while installing an operating system using VIRTUAL BOX ? Answered

Like installing Ubuntu on XP



Best Answer 8 years ago

No. Virtual box runs operating systems virtually. The hard disk ubuntu would be using is actually a compressed disk image. it will not install everything to the hard drive.

Are you sure , as If while installing it on my HD, my HD would crash due to formatting as it is 6 hrs old & has been formatted 3 times

your hd is a bit old... format count is'nt a worry at 3 reformats. Im sure. Virtual box creates a virtual hard disk for operating systems. kind of like how a .iso is a cd image. I used to run virtual box on a different computer, i don't now because i dont have a reason too, but i can confirm that it uses a virtual hd.

If the disk was formatted once you do not HAVE to format it again. It's a good idea if the disk has been used though. Over time parts wear and the original format is not as accurate as a new one would be. Also it's not a bad idea to get all of the old stuff off the disk and start with a totally blank disk. Of course if there is anything there that you want to keep you can't format it.