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is it posible to make this useing LEDS? Answered

would it be posible to make this top useing LEDS? i know it was blue screen but i still want to try it, it would be cool if i could get it working
heres a link to what i want



What would be cooler is to have the backpack he has on!

that comes next, but would probly give u back pains

I don't know, it's definetly cool though!

You'll need a lot of LEDs to look good. It would be do-able but it would take a lot of work to build the LED matrix.

Given the simplicity of the pattern, it wouldn't take a GIGANTIC matrix, only a few thousand leds :D doable, but very difficult.

Do you mean those tiny PCB things ? or can you buy flexible strips of fine pitch that can be sewn...and addressed ?


addressed would be nice, I'm implying iddy bitty presoldered leds with sewable thru-holes to make the matrix. Hardly ideal at best.

Its something that should be as easily fitted as a sequin....