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is there any liquid or resin i can make small shot the size of airsoft pellets out of? Answered

it cant be lead or anything that has to be melted and things


I know you said no melting but shopping bags are easy to get and melt easily if you're careful. Just make a clamshell mold or buy.
If you have mad skills with a knife, carve them out of hard plastic or light weight wood.

I would definitely look into a technique similar to the Bacon Caviar recipe, where you drop balls of a liquid into a different and very cold liquid. Not sure about the precision, but it could be worth a shot.


9 years ago


Wilkinson sell a variety of glues, including 2-part epoxy which is a 'resin'. How do you want to form these pellets? L

maybe mold them because i cant think on of any other ideas have you got any?

You could make moulds out of wax, but resin isn't that cheap for something you're going to "throw away". Silicone caulking is bathroom sealant, that rubbery stuff around the bath / shower tray. L

oh well my resin problem is solved because my dad can get some araldite resin which is epoxy and he can get that stuff that sets clear in blocks to like preserve things he can get a lot of things for free i normally just call it silicone

Oh aye, Araldite is good stuff, sets rather hard. That stuff that sets clear in blocks to like preserve things sounds like fun, I'd like to play with it myself... L

Make an Instructable on how to set dead-bugs in resin? I haven't seen one before. L

he he lol i got all the bugs collection my favourite is the scorpion they freak my mum out

why not use airsoft BBs? they come in every weight imaginable up to being made with metal. they are your cheapest and easiest option

Hot glue, paraffin wax, or silicone caulking. All very common. Keep in mind, airsoft ammo is typically very light and designed not to hurt. Homemade ammo will probably be much heavier, and because of that it probably can hurt you.

Not easily - they are moulded and need to be fairly accuratly made or they will stick - assuming you want to make your own airsoft ammo. I believe they are made from PVC

well they are for a new slingshot im designing with a special pouch to hold pellets