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joystick to mouse Answered

I don't like computer mice and touch pads, so I've bought a joystick.

What's the best software to make it do a mouse's job?

It's a "Thrustmaster" joystick, and my laptop is running Firefox in Ubuntu, because my dad won't pay for Windows to go on my laptop.




i can't find the xseerver thingy any where in the software center

Oops! Try xserver-xorg-input-joystick. I mistyped it.

sorry i rebooted my computer and it worked!!!!!!!!!
thank you lithium rain
this is so cool


I hope your English teacher never sees that post, youngling!

I switched it of and back on again.
Happy now!

i installed it but didnt make my jojstick into a mouse

I know this doesn't really answer your question, but I don't think that using a joystick is the way to go. The fact is that computer mice are standard equipment, like a keyboard. Whether you like it or not, you'll be subjected to a lot more use of computer mice in the future (perhaps through school or future employment) and its best (imo) to get comfortable with it. :-)

+1 They're standard for a reason. Fast to use, not painful for long periods. You won't get anywhere near as much control with a joystick.

Pffft, that doesn't mean it's reason enough to not use what you want to as your input device of choice.

(I think it's partly to do with using his laptop one his lap (with knee table), rather than at a table with space for a mouse.)

Tell him to stop doing his homework in front of the TV ;)

Lizzy swears by her trackball mouse as a solution to this problem.

Little brother doesn't want to look like he's copying big brother...

*ahem* Perhaps Con-X needs to make a pull out or fold-out mouse table extension and write a nice ible for it. :-)

I politely disagree. I don't like mice either, so I don't use them. My weapon of choice is a laptop from the Thinkpad series, which has a trackpoint, and trackballs are nice too.

There is no need to use a mouse, you can generally bring your own trackball if that's what you prefer.

You may not need to install any if you're running Ubuntu. Have you plugged it in to try and see? If I plug in my Wacom tablet, it automagically starts working in the latest versions of Ubuntu without configuration; yours might do similarly.

If it doesn't work automatically when it's plugged in, go to the Software Center and search for xseerver-xorg-input-joystick. If it's not there, you'll probably need to install it. Then log out and back in again, and see if it doesn't work automatically.

Try those things and let me know what happens. We should be able to get it to work. :)

(Oh, and I wouldn't resent the Ubuntu - I run it by choice, and resent that I am required keep Windows around to use Word for submitting documents!)

to jayefuu: we can't mooch off the public education system and an acount thingy would cost £700 for the most basic model.

ps i was in SF to (and hq)

Youngling - you need to use the "reply" button, or folk won't know you're talking to them.


the only mouse I could find just turned the desk into a touchpad

dont like touchpads or mice? try these http://celluon.com/

Microsoft give out lots of free licenses though universities and educators. I bet your dad, being a teacher, could get free copies through school. Tell him to ask about MSDN. Or tell him a real dad would spend money on a license rather than swanning off to San Francisco for a month ;)


The 2nd-hand laptop didn't cost much more than the joystick.

Winding up parents via their kids is great fun. Until you have kids.

... and you wind up your own kids.

I need permission from the school to get an educational download, and they won't give me it. Buying my own subscription would cost =>$699

He doesn't need Windows anyway, since all he does is browse the net. So, he has to install the occasional FF add-on to play a game, it's a learning experience, and if he downloads something that bricks the laptop, it was only £20...

Yikes that's pricey. Didn't realise you'd need permission, we could each apply for up to 2 when I was at uni. And by apply I mean we clicked a button and they emailed a code.

So what's wrong with a mouse? Look up Leap Motion. I'm waiting for mine to arrive, should come February!

Mice suck, that's what!

I see an external trackpoint project in my future...

I don't know, he's just being fussy as far as I can tell, but he bought the joystick with his own money.

through not though. Sorry