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knex machine gun? Answered

right, so after i saw the video for the cyclone by perfect duck, i decided to make a machine gun with the highest ROF ever.
but i was wondering what mechanism it should use? because i am posting ibles for it when it is finished i dont really want to make
80 ft long chains. so what should i do?


You're going to need to study up on motor types and gear ratios. Certain gears when used together will make a motor-powered rod spin faster. Some motors are also faster than others.

It's a rather tedious task, even for some of the best knexers.

thanks, but i have now found a new mg mech, you probably hears about it;
louis xiv's semi auto.
i can get something like 66 plastic shapes per SeCoNd!!!"$%$£%%£
to be honest, that puts most real guns to shame.

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sorry. my computer had hiccups.


6 years ago

Build a short chain as your first ible Lots of pics as you go.
Don't just show a last one.
There are newbes out here like me.
And explain the minimum knex to do it !

How many that avoid rap and go on into ninja ?


just because i have not posted an ible yet does NOT mean i am new to knex.
ive been at it for about a year and a half now, and i have built countless MG's in the past. i know that the record right now is a knex minigun. it fires at 90 rounds per second. its not official, my friend made it. we used some industrial copper wire and linked it up to a high speed drill. the only reason it wasnt posted was because it was a complete hazard. the gun exploded after like, 200 shots. there were 500 on the chain. (he has a lot of knex)