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knex phone stand Answered

hi there i was siting in bed this morning and i thought "im boered i know ill watch some vids on my phone" and i did but i noticed i had to hold the phone and if o put the phone down id cover the speaker so,i deicided to build this i took all of 5 minetues and was well worth it also it is not only good for videos it also plays games prety well but to note it is worth tapeing it downanyways you shouldnt need instructions to build and enjoy



7 years ago

its ok/

it does the job so the wuality and effort isnt that good keep in mind also i made this 5 minetues after i got up :-3)

glad you like it but i was thinking he could have a "goatie" :-)>

but is a man a man without a nes \`==} actully that dosent look.........right

im chuffed i got a new keyboared its awsome

i got a facebook acount now and actully i dont have anything to folloew that up

ok, will i add you? whats ur name and ill send u a request =D

tom weston itl be easier if i give you a link