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knex pump action true trigger shotgun Answered

the is a forum to see if I should post my Shotgun it uses hack124x768's (modded) trigger its auto load and pump action heres a pic

oh and i also made a coke dispenser i want your opinion on heres a vid


how do you make that

nice gun i just finished making it, i couldnt get the blocker b/c the two pics i used were blury if you use dcaped dark gray connecters and tan clips for the hopper it works better

instructables on the gun???!!!?!?!?!?!?!?

WTF? why did you take it off? Come on put it back on please. I want to make one... =[

is there an instructable fo the coke dispencer


nice new DK pic, no longer flames :)

I will when I get a new cam (unless someone else posts) wich id be greatful for


Dude i made your gun from that 1 pic. IT ROX. (i modded the trigger a bit cause i dont have any exotic peices)

cool (your a good gun maker if you can do it from 1 pic ) and thanx for the compliment

Hey if you want i could post an instructable for you and give you credit?

==DEFINETLY! == By all means post it I would appreciate it a lot for two reasons.
1.I have no working camera
2.I've modded mine so it doesn't look the same

hey adam nice guns that you made i like them takes a couple peices but i had alot of extras. i was wondering if you could post the vending machine ( if you already posted it can you give me the site that would help. p.s-thanx

Thanks for the compliment, And I will post as soon as I get a new camera.

ok thanks because i wanted to build it it loks really cool and ussualy all i build is gun this will be intresting by not building a barrel or a gun in this case so yeah. p.s. itsnot that i dont like knex guns i "LOVE" them.

alright so ill satrt in a few days. :)

Never mind I got the trigger working. Here is a picture of my gun and the FN Scar/XM8 I am posting for Alingarns. Sorry if I spelt your name wrong.

C:\Documents and Settings\Justin Bruce\My Documents\My Pictures\Music Video\IMG_5702.JPG

Hey I finished this gun, I built everything but the trigger, do you think you could post a pic of the trigger alone.

What are the exotic pieces it uses?

2 hinge pieces (can be substituted with joints) and orange/red flexi rods

What is a joint?(is it 4 grey connectors and 1 white rod?)

You should post this.

nice gun post it ill probably make it. does it use exotic pieces?


10 years ago

dude - post it, please. unfortunately, when I post mine it will be a little undervalued cause ths looks really good, but please do post.

Hey i cant see your vid can you posssibly put it on Youtube or mabye fix the problem. im not sure but its not working for me.

wuts the problem with it ?do you not have windows media player or realplayer? and ill try to put it on youtube

o oops, there must have been a problem on my other computer. It is working now. Great job on your soda dispenser looks great!

Heres mine here

Did you get your idea from mine or did u just think it up? Either way i think yours works alot better than mine. I just put mine out there so people could modify it, it was just an idea.

cool i think you should post it because i would love to see more soda dispensers!


10 years ago

post post post


10 years ago

you should definetly post it im your biggest fan, i love your rifle its my favorite gun and i have 2


10 years ago

nice coke dispenser