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k'nex pump-action with a dropdown removeable mag? Answered

I am trying to biuld a k'nex, pump-action, dropdown magisine, with stock and sight. I have everything running smothley apart from the magisine & i need help!

The things i am looking for is,...
# The magisine has to be removable.
#The magisine runs smothley without cataching or jaming.
#The magisine has a good amount of shots.
#It must include a clip to go on the gun for it to slide and clip into.
#And it must have a tensile to push the shots into the chamber.

If somone manages to do this and follow all of the things obove I will post an instructable about my gun. With all credit to your name for the magisine.
(I tryed to add pictures but my camera was playing up).




7 years ago

plz leave the hyperlink

DJ Radio

8 years ago

A good one is the one The Dunkis used on his BAW (Basic assault weapon). It was reliable, and you can extend it to hold more shots if you want.

TheDunkisDJ Radio

Answer 8 years ago

Shoot, he beat me to it. But yeah try that one out if you get the chance. The nice thing about it is that the magazine can be whatever size you want as long as you keep the same basic concept.


Answer 7 years ago

leave a hyper link I cant seem to find the BAW... i will probs build