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knexers, where did you get your name? Answered

I would like fellow knexers to say how you came up with your name! I'm especially curious about Killer~SafeCracker...


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Best Answer 8 years ago

I got my name from the fairy godmother.

A Kid at my skool was making a nerds youtube vid- search rossdanlewis1502- and he went narnanar to take the mick out of rock music and i dont no were the 123 came from

Someone nick-named me Shadowman when I was playing laser tag. I thought the name was cool, so I used it for all of my internet accounts. :-D I don't know where the 39 came from.

Its not that anymore though. It changed last school year. Now my name is "Joe", since my real name is Joseph

I wanted to have a name that was TOTALLY random (such as Nacho Dude). But I couldn't decide, so thus the randomguy65

its on my profile, but well if you insist...

during my first term at highschool 2 years ago I was given the nickname logic boy because I was smarter than everyone else in my class. At first I hated it, but then I decided to make it my own, and now here we are.

 Leme guess those ppl who came up with the nake has the same IQ as they have teeths?(soz for bad english)

 My name (It's Dutch 0.o !!) means gtfu but then a tiny bit nicer Lol
And it think you're name doesn't need a explaination lol

i got my name from a slight mod from someone elses
i had a account before my current on but i wanted a better name and i didnt know that we could change it so i made a new one i awalys liked the stuff K_B_F made so i used some of his name to make mine knexsuperbulderfreak
and yes theres a typo in there but i didnt know when i first made it so i went with it


8 years ago

My name used to be axis zx.
But for some reason I changed it to Axiys Zx.
And I use to pronounce it AX -I-SSS
ZEE-EX. But now its AX-EE-I-SS Zee-EX.Even though it's spelled the same.
And I don't know why....

my  name really is lukas and liked the show   knight rider so i put them together 

can't remember....

 i think we all know my name sucks..... i made it almost 3 years ago and i had absolutely no creativity back then.

well I think it is because I was trying to make a name that wasn't used before. an alternate name was "ShadowVolt"

cuz i grew up luvin cupcakes;)

Meh, based on my real name, I got Dunkis as a nickname from peers at school 3-4 years ago. I first started signing up for websites without any idea of what I wanted for a username so, being unoriginal, I just stole my nickname. 'The' was just tacked on to emphasize I'm the only Dunkis.

I made it up based on the word oblivious.

It began with xbox live... See, I like the name "Odin" and the number "6" so I tried Odin666, turns out it was taken by some arse, so I used the number "1" as well, so I got Odin616, DING! That's my gamertag, so sometime between that moment and making my youtube account I forgot what it was and put an extra 6 so it was Odin6616 and I now use that for most things on the net. Most interesting answer? I think so XD.

 Hmm... I'm actually not sure, I came up with this name a WHILE ago, and I can't remember why :P  But, I've used this name for pretty much everything.

You know, I really don't remember... It's been 1 1/2 year so yeah.. But I think it had someething to do with a knex safe I built right before I made the account. 

So, how did you come up with your name??