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moding stock darts Answered

does anyone know how to mod a stok nerf dart


would* Sorry about the grammar.

You can add a straw to the center, it makes it more accurate, and a tiny bit sturdier and further. You can also make normal darts (stock darts) and hot glue them. It makes a decent mod, but DO NOT USE A TACK ON THE END unless you are facing a target (a.k.a. stuffed animal) in a room with no one in it. Do not aim at yourself. You wouold have to be kind of silly in that case. Make sure not to damage walls! Also, you could insert a bb in a sonic micro dart, and it might increase some accuracy. Again, do not aim at self or others. I hope that helped and good luck with these mods. Have a merry christmas, and I hope you get an arsenal (however you spell it) for Christmas, and have a great time modding them.

For the Longshot CS-6 or any other stock dart... If the original tip comes off, take a pencil eraser that would fit in the tip, and super, or hot glue it in (I reccomend super glue, cuz hot glue can melt the dart)

take dart, rip tip of, fill with a bit of hot glue in hole, put in bb, add more glu, mold in to dome shape,shoot, kill stuffed animal, laugh manicaly.