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morse code machine Answered

Hi, I think it would be cool if you could have a litte machine on your desk at school that could signal your friend with morse code without sound e.g. flags


 build a little electronic circuit and put it inside those fat 4in1 pens. When you push down on the thing you use to hang it on your clothes, it sends out a radio signal to the receiving end. The receiving end then vibrates just enough for the receiving person to feel it and not to be heard. To send a "dit" press button briefly. To send out a "dah" press button a bit longer than you would normally for a "dit".   


10 years ago

How about an infra red led setup, then the teacher couldn't see the light. A small oscillator driving the IR LED and a IR detector to audio amp for headphones (earbuds). Of course you'll have to learn morse code if you don't aleady know it. Could be a great learning project.

With any light, one needs clearance "line of sight" but if you used low frequency radio signals, the receiver need not be "out in the open; in the line of sight of the transmitter".

Ever seen that film casino you know the one with the Mafia guys in las vegas, Robert Deniro and that little fella's in it. Any way these blokes were trying to cheat in a Mafia owned casino(not wise) and one had a little morse tapper under his trousers and his mate could see the dealers hand and was telling your man all the right hands to play, well until they were caught and Mr morse got his hand smashed to bits with a hammer, I liked that bit!

You could devise a simple knee-twitch code, disguised as that knee-jerky thing that some people do when they are bored or nervous.

ya but that wouldent be very cool :(

But the object is for the teacher not to find out. If you have some object on your desk. And all of a sudden you start getting 10 points higher on every test... Logic would dictate that the contraption that just showed up might have something to do with it.

Maybe L.E.D. lights when the teacher wasn't looking. I have a great idea for this and I migh post an instructable (mentioning you, of course). About a mile away from my house is this HUGE vinyard, and in the vinyard is a small ditch filled with bikes, refridgerators, computers, giant wheels, etc. The last time I went there, I had found a medium sized harddrive, one from a very old computer. However, I lost that one. If I could find another one, hollow it out, by some L.E.D. lights, hook each one up to a type of button, spray paint the harddrive red or black, and put the L.E.D. lights IN the harddrive, then you would have your own little morse code machine. There really only have to be two lights. One for short blinks and one for long ones. So, you get the idea, right? So, Bad Apple, is it okay if I post when I am done?