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mp3 frozen what to do? Answered

plugged mp3 player to usb cord (mtp connected charging) came up on the screen now its frozen wont go back,turn off nothing



IF you have access to the MP3 Player through your computer when it is connected with the USB Cable, I want you to follow these instructions to fix your problem. Right click your mouse on the Icon and select "Format" do a "Quick format" on your MP3 Players memory and it'll be fine.


8 years ago

Maybe look for a reset button that you have to push with a paper clip, my zen has that.


8 years ago

Try connecting the MP3 player back up to your PC, if you disconnected it. Power down your PC, let it sit for a minute or so and then restart it. Sometimes, that will wake up an unresponsive player.

.  Shut everything down; wait a minute; turn everything on. Works on about 75% (maybe more) of computer problems. :)

If that doesn't work, this will reboot most devices:

Remove the battery from the player. Short the two battery terminals to each other for a minute or so, to make sure any capacitors have a chance to bleed down. Reinstall battery, power up.