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my new "folding" knex ipod stand Answered

hope you like it all it takes is five comments saying i shold post and ill post

difficulty: very easy

6:small blue rods
4:small grey rods
2:tiny green rods

2:3 clip connectors
2:2 clip connectors
5:1 clip connectors
4:tan connectors(with gear nub)
1:hand connector

6:large spacers


For a "folding" knex stand there is very little actual folding going on.

like i said before I DON'T CARE GET THAT THROUGH YOUR MIND if you don't like it move on if you do i don't care

its not a waste of time i looked i found no portable knex stands you dont have to be so mean about it

you have take so many pieces off ad then put some of them back on which doesn't really make it folding

Oh...Ma...Gah... That is awesome! POST POST POST POST POST There. Post it.