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my printer is broken? Answered

every time i try to print something on my computer, it comes up with a menu that shows you are supposed to save it, and it doesn't work when i press the save button, and if i press cancel, it doesn't print either. i've tried it with several applications, and none of them work, they all come up with the same thing. i don't know if it''s my printer, or my computer, but i have to print something out for a school project.please don't say print it out somewhere else, because that won't fix my problem. the printer is a lexmark x3350, and the computer is a dell.


You've not even got as far as the printer there, the program you want to print from is probably not finding a printer to output to, and so offers a postscript file instead.
Check the thing is there and installed under Settings>Printers & Faxes first.


You may have to reload the printer driver.

"Save"? Sounds like you've selected print-to-file. Find where you made that decision in the printer configuration menus, and switch it back.